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Between golf, hiking, cycling, jogging, tennis and everything else there is to do outside, we are forced to address the very real risks of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The fact is, 1 out of 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by age 70, and spending time outside without properly protecting your skin can only increase the chances. The neck and chest are particularly vulnerable to being sunburned and there aren’t too many good options to cover them up.

NeckBlock was created to fill a gap in the market based on practical need. As a construction project manager and regular golfer in Arizona, I was in need of a better way to protect myself from the sun. NeckBlock was created to find a middle ground between optimal sun protection and practicality. It is adjustable, fitted to be worn underneath your shirt and provides UPF 50+ protection for the neck and chest. When coupled with a baseball hat and sunscreen on the ears/face, it is the perfect everyday solution to protecting your skin from the sun.

UPF 50 Fabric

All day protection

Patented Design

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Free Shipping & Returns

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Skin Cancer Foundation

$1 donated for every purchase