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NeckBlock™ Gaiter - Neck & Chest Sun-Protective Cover UPF 50+

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NeckBlock™ Gaiter - Neck & Chest Sun-Protective Cover UPF 50+

The NeckBlock™ Gaiter is a sun-protective cover for your neck and chest. The unique design fills a gap in the market for a better way to shield yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays. It is made with a moisture-wicking blend of stretch knit Recycled Nylon and Spandex that is lightweight, breathable, and very soft. The fabric is certified UPF 50 rated and will keep you protected all day without the need to apply sunscreen to covered areas.

Unlike a traditional neck gaiter, NeckBlockdoes not bunch up around the neck and adds additional protection to the upper chest.

The adjustable snap button collar provides a tailor-made fit for all body types. It is worn underneath your shirt and is designed to fit snugly to your skin. It is the perfect accessory for all outdoor activities where the neck is particularly vulnerable to UV ray damage. It works great when paired with a baseball hat and sunscreen on uncovered areas.

Additionally, the recycled nylon yarn is eco-friendly and has acquired Control Union's Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification which helps reduce the negative environmental impact traditionally associated with synthetic fabrics by:

  • Conserving petroleum resources
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Limiting waste to landfills




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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I bought the neck guard (black, size small) for a completely different reason than to use them for sun protection. I scuba dive and, as a woman, it’s hard to find proper-fitting wetsuits…well I finally found one and the only downside of it, is that when I’m underwater, it ride up on my neck a bit and starts to chafe. I needed some form of neck guard for my neck to keep from feeling the chafe. I haven’t worn it with the wetsuit yet (I will be within the next month and if possible, will edit this review) but I did wear it into the shower, simply to see how it did when wet. Like most clothing, it did stretch once wet, however with the adjustable buttons, it allowed me to resize it to a smaller size as it stretch which was great. The material also didn’t slide down (like most would) when wet, it cling to my neck further, which if you’re using it while fishing and happen to get wet…this might be ideal since it’ll still protect your neck despite the stretch. On top of this, due to the material, it also dried super fast, by the time I woke up the following morning (I take nightly showers) it was already dry! I know I’m not using it for what it’s normally for, but based on these tests, I’d say it’s great for its normal use!

A good start

This is a good product. And it allows me to wear my v-neck and lower cut necklines when I'm in the sun. To improve it, I would like it better if the part that goes in back was shorter.

Good option for sun protection

I like the feel of the material and I like the adjustable neck size. If I wear a v-neck shirt it isn’t long enough in front to protect my chest (and I don’t wear deep v-necks). To be fair, I didn’t check to see if they had that option. If they have one that’s what I should have gotten, if they don’t, it would be a good option to have. All in all, I’m really glad people are thinking of ways to protect from the sun outside of sunscreen, and I like that they donate to skin cancer research.

Nice neck sunscreen

Very lightweight and adjustable… would like to see more colors!

Jane Dales
great product

good quality fabric, light and comfortable to wear. does not feel constricting around the neck. I live in Spain and my neck and chest are very vunerable to sun damage . though i had to pay import duty it was worth the extra cost with the shipping as well.

UPF 50 Fabric

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